In today’s competitive marketing environment, businesses have more than one way to reach their potential customers. However, the increasing number of channels complicates matters when figuring out their role and value in your marketing efforts. For instance, if a user visited your Facebook page in the past but shopped through an email link, which marketing channel do you give credit for the sale?

As a marketer, you’d face similar questions when you use multiple channels to reach prospective customers. Inability to determine the role of different channels might lead to wasting precious marketing resources or putting your marketing budget on the wrong horse. If you are wondering how to judge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, Marketing Attribution has all your answers.

We discussed the importance of investing in Marketing Attribution in an earlier post. Modern marketers need attribution to dig deeper into their marketing efforts. It is used to determine the effectiveness and role of marketing touchpoints that lead to a conversion. Using marketing attribution, you can quickly identify what works and what doesn’t and improve the personalization of your campaign.

However, choosing a suitable attribution model isn’t easy. Most marketers are in a dilemma when choosing between single-touch and multi-touch models. In this write-up, we shall look at both these models closely and help you choose the right one based on your business needs.

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