A Marketer's Guide to Overcoming Attribution Blind Spots

A comprehensive guide for marketers to explore the concept of attribution blind spots and some sure-fire strategies to overcome them.

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    Attribution blind spots occur when you can’t accurately attribute conversions or sales to the correct marketing touchpoints. They can make even the savviest marketers scratch their heads in frustration. These pesky attribution blind spots may be a formidable challenge for marketers but they are not insurmountable.

    Why Should You Care About Identifying Attribution Blind Spots?

    Attribution blind spots can lead to a series of problems like:

    • Inaccurate Performance Evaluation
    • Customer Journey Misinterpretation
    • Ineffective Campaign Optimization
    • Misallocation of Resources

    What Will You Find in the eBook?

    • What are Attribution Blind Spots and How Do They Impact Marketers?
    • The Common Causes of Attribution Blind Spots
    • Top Strategies to Identify and Overcome Attribution Blind Spots
    • The Best Practices to Keep Attribution Blind Spots at Bay
    A Marketer’s Guide to Overcoming Attribution Blind Spots