Marketing Attribution: The What, Why, and How

A comprehensive guide on all the aspects of marketing attribution and why it’s worth investing in.

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    Justifying marketing budgets is a tale as old as time, the proverbial corporate time. Marketers constantly struggle to show and justify the direct ROI on their marketing and media spend. Marketing attribution helps them measure the impact that campaigns, conferences/events, or channels have on revenue by assigning credit to all the successful marketing touches from lead acquisition to closure. And this credit is attributed to different touchpoints along the customer’s journey, depending on the attribution model the organization uses.

    What Does Marketing Attribution Bring to The Table?

    • It offers insights into the impact of your campaign across channels.
    • It helps you reach out to the right audience at the right time using the right channel.
    • It provides deep insights into customer behavior for you to create highly-personalized campaigns.
    • It helps identify the creative elements that strike a chord with your audience and those that fail.

    What Will You Find in the eBook?

    • What is Marketing Attribution and Why Should You Invest in It?
    • Benefits of Marketing Attribution
    • Types of Attribution Models
    • Choosing The Right Attribution Model