Annual Recurring Revenue

Detailed Description

Base Net Burn is a metric SaaS companies use to gain insights into their Net Burn minus the Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). It is an important metric to judge the profitability of a business.

How To Calculate

To calculate Base Net Burn, you need to deduct Customer Acquisition Costs from the Net Burn. For example, if a business has a Net Burn of $400,000 per month and is spending $450,000 per month on variable customer acquisition costs, it will have a Base Net Burn of -$50,000 per month. The business can reduce the variable marketing costs to turn profitable.


(Monthly Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold) – Gross Burn Rate = Net Burn Rate.
ƒ Sum(Net Burn) – Sum(CAC)


The benchmark for an acceptable Base Net Burn is one-twelfth of available cash. Businesses with $300,000 in cash must aim at a base net burn rate close to $25,000.

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