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Detailed Description

Weekly Active Accounts is a crucial metric to count the number of distinct user accounts that actively engage with a particular platform, service, or application within one week. This metric measures user engagement and the popularity of online services, social media platforms, mobile apps, or other digital products.

How To Calculate

It is calculated by tracking unique accounts interacting with an application on a given week. For example, if you have 200 users and 80 users interact with your app during a specific week, the active accounts for that week are 80 or 40% of your total users.


ƒ Count(Unique accounts who interacted with an application in a week)


Benchmarking Weekly Active Accounts involves comparing this metric for a particular service to the historical performance. It varies depending on the type of business, seasonal factors, and the type of industry one is in.

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It helps in measuring user engagement and assessing the health of a digital product. It provides insights into how many users actively use the platform every week.

A high number suggests that a platform successfully maintains user interest and engagement over a short-term period, indicating a healthy and active user base.

WAA can fluctuate based on various factors, such as marketing campaigns, product updates, or seasonal trends.