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Years Since Founding is a metric measuring the time that has elapsed since a company or organization was established. It is a straightforward indicator that provides insights into the entity’s longevity, experience, and historical context within its industry or sector.

How To Calculate

The calculation is straightforward. If a company was founded in 2000, the company will be 23 years since its founding in 2023.


ƒ Count(Number of Years Since Founding)


There is no standard benchmark for Years Since Founding, but the age of a company can and the number of years it has been in business can be a deciding factor to generate investor confidence.

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It provides insights into a company's historical context, longevity, and experience in its industry. It can influence perceptions of stability, trustworthiness, and adaptability.

Investors often consider the number of years since founding to assess a company's track record and stability. It can influence investment decisions by providing context on the company's historical performance.

There is no one-size-fits-all ideal number. However, a longer operational history is generally seen as a positive factor, showcasing experience and resilience.