Accurate ROI Measurement = Fearless Marketers

DiGGrowth is an automated, no-code marketing analytics platform that brings ROI reporting and actionable insights for CMOs, performance marketers, and marketing operations teams.

Tracks, Integrates, and Consolidates Your Customer's Journey

DIGGrowth stitches customer data from a marketing perspective. Our marketing analytics platform is all about your customers, including how they interact with your brand, their channel preferences, and paths that lead to revenue and pipeline.

Out-Of-The-Box Reporting and ML-Driven Attribution

With its out-of-the-box reporting and machine learning driven marketing attribution, DiGGrowth acts as your decision engine that helps you justify marketing spend and make right choices while driving higher revenue from all your marketing initiatives

Quantify Marketing Influence on Pipeline and Revenue

While you focus on blending online and offline marketing strategies to create one unified customer experience, DiGGrowth drives phygital insights with end-to-end user journey visualizations that cover everything from the first anonymous touch to known user tracking.

How It Works?

DiGGrowth’s marketing intelligence reports get activated within minutes of signing up, and quickly configure data sources across ad platforms, web data, marketing automation, and CRM.

Paid Media Tracker

Our paid media tracker gets activated in a matter of minutes, giving you a consolidated view of your marketing spend, clicks, and conversions across all ad platforms and advertising networks in one dashboard.

Marketing Executive Dashboard

Our marketing executive dashboard covers strategic KPIs around revenue, pipeline, clear attribution, marketing sources, and influenced opportunities. Get the ability to slice and dice data in terms of channels, sources, campaigns, and metrics like revenue, pipeline, leads, spend etc.

Model Comparison Report

Our attribution model comparison report is used to compare different attribution models, helping you analyze how revenue and pipeline credit shifts under different attribution models.

Sales Cycle and Path Length Report

Our sales cycle report gives you insights on how long it takes to close an opportunity, additionally path length gives a distribution of the number of touchpoints that lead to pipeline and revenue.

Paid Media Tracker
Marketing Executive Dashboard
Model Comparison Report
Sales Cycle and Path Length Report

More Marketing Modules by DiGGrowth

Take your marketing game up a notch by unifying disparate data sources and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Marketing attribution is the analytical science used to determine the role of different touchpoints in sales or conversions.

Data or marketing analytics provides insights that help the marketing team make better decisions. Data analytics for marketing gives a deeper understanding of the overall marketing effort and how this impacts revenue.

Marketing attribution helps analyze every touchpoint your customers encounter during their buying journey so that you can identify channels that significantly impact conversions.

Marketing attribution can be used for making better marketing decisions as it helps ascertain which touchpoints perform better comparatively so that more budget can be allocated to them.

There are many different attribution models that are widely used—First Touch, Last Touch, Linear, U-Shaped, Time Decay, W-Shaped etc.