DiGGrowth’s no-code connectors make it easy to connect to any platform of your choice

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Focus on insights and outcomes instead of data extraction with DiGGrowth’s custom connectors. Our plug-and-play connectors automate importing your data from your CRM, marketing automation platform, advertising platform, and more.


Speed up decision making with our connectors. DiGGrowth’s plug-and-play connectors load all your data to AWS S3 or any data warehouse of your choice like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, MySQL, and more.


Ensure data integrity with DiGGrowth’s custom connectors. Our connectors transform data and ensure consistency with source systems.

All your marketing data at a single place

  • Plug-and-Play Connectors
  • Faster & Richer Insights
  • Automate Data Fetch
  • Save Time & Increase Efficiency
  • Ensure Data Consistency

Connect and configure your Salesforce instance with DiGGrowth and set the foundation for connecting marketing touchpoints with revenue and pipeline. Our native Salesforce connector also automates Lead to Account matching, so that you don’t miss any touchpoint data.

Drive quality leads and get the most out of LinkedIn Ads with DiGGrowth’s native connector for LinkedIn. Our plug-and-play connector pulls all LinkedIn advertising data from your account and enables you to deep-dive into your paid media metrics.

Focus on insights that your marketing data offers by connecting your HubSpot instance with DiGGrowth. Our native HubSpot connector syncs all your marketing data and combines it with data from your advertising platform, CRM, and web tracking platform for deeper insights.

Optimize your paid advertising campaigns by getting granular marketing data from your Bing Ads account. DiGGrowth’s connector for Bing Ads automates data fetch so that you can focus on insights and outcomes from your marketing data.

Combine insights from Facebook Ads with your CRM, marketing automation platform, web analytics platform, etc. with DiGGrowth’s connector for Facebook Ads. Our native connector syncs with Facebook Ads data and stores it in a data warehouse of your choice.

Get the insights that your marketing and sales teams need from Drift with DiGGrowth’s no-code connector. Empower your team to make data-driven decisions, thereby improving marketing and sales opportunities, and customer engagement.

Connect your Marketo instance with DiGGrowth and focus on insights that your marketing data offers. Our native Marketo connector syncs all your marketing data and combines it with data from your advertising platform, CRM, and web tracking platform for deeper marketing insights.

Connect your Adroll data to your DiGGrowth instance with ease and without any need for coding. Focus on marketing insights that matter and monitor the performance of your campaigns while your data syncs automatically.

Move your marketing data from your advertising, marketing automation, CRM, and web analytics platform to Snowflake without any coding. Empower your entire marketing team to make data-driven decisions by using marketing analytics at scale.

Extract data from your Microsoft Dynamics instance with DiGGrowth’s native connector. With zero engineering required, the plug-and-play MS-Dynamics connector allows you to start fetching data instantly.

Make the most of your paid advertising budget by deep-diving into your campaign data from Google Ads. Save time and improve return on marketing investment by combining data from all your advertising platforms and seeing the complete picture.

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