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Successful cross-functional coordination, communication, and reporting are essential for the success of any marketing campaign.

However, with the variety of existing advertising and marketing platforms and numerous channels, effective coordination, communication and reporting can be challenging.

Consequently, a Marketing Operations Manager faces the difficult task of creating a successful marketing strategy that integrates these disparate platforms and channels, ensures data consistency, and provides the actionable insights that marketing leaders desire.

DiGGrowth for
Marketing Ops. Managers

Strategize and Optimize Marketing Operations With DiGGrowth—a No-code Marketing Analytics Platform

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Focused Insights

Drive marketing ROI with focused insights that provide a holistic view of your marketing activities

Attribution Model Comparison

Understand how each touchpoint contributes to a conversion and compare results across different attribution models with the touch of a button

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Path Length Analysis

Analyze the buyer’s journey and optimize marketing performance with the help of metrics like campaigns touched by a lead, average touchpoints etc.

Unify Disparate Platforms

Break down data silos by unifying your advertising, marketing, web analytics platforms, and CRM

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Standard Campaign Taxonomy

Bid farewell to inconsistent data & inaccurate reporting with standard campaign taxonomy that streamlines marketing operations & enriches reporting

The DiGGrowth Advantage

Campaign Tracking

Bring precision, quality, and completeness to your marketing data and start making fearless decisions

Data Integration

Integrate marketing data across a range of platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, HubSpot etc. with plug-and-play connectors

Marketing Analytics

Get insights from a variety of custom dashboards and reports tailored to Marketing Operations Managers that give a holistic picture of your marketing activities and allow you to drill down to specifics

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