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Increase your marketing ROI by 30% with custom dashboards & reports that present a clear picture of marketing effectiveness

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Effective Marketing Analytics for CMOs

DiGGrowth empowers marketing heads to see a clear picture of their marketing effectiveness


With marketing budgets coming under intense scrutiny, marketing heads must demonstrate successful ROI to justify their budgets.

Disparate advertising & marketing platforms, multiple channels, and a complex buyer’s journey have made this even tougher. To provide a compelling view of how marketing creates value and to make revenue-focused decisions, marketing leaders need focused insights across platforms and channels.

To gain these focused insights, marketing teams must have access to clean data, integrate siloed platforms, and run state-of-the-art marketing analytics.

DiGGrowth for Marketing Heads

Effectively Measure and Prove the Value of Marketing Performance With DiGGrowth—a No-code Marketing Analytics Platform

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Custom Dashboards & Reports

Prove marketing's value with custom dashboards and reports that enable you to assess the performance of your marketing activities and teams.

ML-Driven Attribution & Scoring

Understand how each touchpoint contributes to a conversion and use predictive lead scoring to identify leads likely to convert

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No Engineering Required

Set up DiGGrowth without any need of technical knowledge or IT/Engineering help.

Single-Source of Truth

Consolidate data in a matter of minutes across advertising platforms, CRMs, website analytics, and marketing automation platforms

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The DiGGrowth Advantage

Campaign Tracking

Bring precision, quality, and completeness to your marketing data and start making fearless decisions

Data Integration

Integrate marketing data across a range of platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, HubSpot etc. with plug-and-play connectors

Marketing Analytics

Get insights from a variety of custom dashboards and reports tailored to Marketing Heads that give a holistic picture of your marketing activities and allow you to drill down to specifics

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Increase your marketing ROI by 30% with custom dashboards & reports that present a clear picture of marketing effectiveness

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