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Standard Taxonomy for All Marketing Campaigns

Marketing teams often adopt inconsistent campaign naming conventions across numerous marketing platforms without proper governance. This results in inconsistent data, ultimately leading to inefficiency and inaccurate ROI reporting.

DiGGrowth helps you establish a standardized campaign taxonomy, sparing you the hassle of cleaning data later on. Enrich your campaign data with our robust campaign governance process, allowing you to delve deeper and uncover more valuable insights.

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UTM Builder and Online Campaign Tracking Code Generator

DiGGrowth’s campaign tracking module works out-of-the-box with most analytics platforms including Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Whether you are using custom parameters like Adobe Analytics’ CID or Google Analytics’ standard UTM parameters, DiGGrowth helps you maintain data hygiene and campaign standardization. Get rid of spreadsheets and keep everyone in sync with a new way of campaign data harmonization.

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Save Tracking Code Templates to Gain Efficiency

Standardization is fundamental to automation and operational efficiency. Our template option allows you to group campaign attribute selection into categories for frequent campaign use cases, saving you time. For example, when you next need a unique tracking code, you can simply select a template with pre-filled attributes that adhere to a standard taxonomy. DiGGrowth’s campaign attribute automation saves you time and helps avoid human error.

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Who Is It For?

DiGGrowth enables marketing operations managers, performance marketers, and marketing heads to ditch UTM spreadsheets and sub-optimal campaign reporting.

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Marketing Ops. Managers

Ensure campaign standardization, measure marketing campaign performance, and identify areas of improvement. DiGGrowth helps marketing operations managers analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve their future campaigns.

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Performance Marketers

Measure and improve campaign performance with better campaign tracking and standardization. DiGGrowth empowers performance marketers to streamline campaign management and achieve their marketing objectives toward driving business growth.

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Marketing Heads

Make your marketing campaigns more effective by ensuring consistency and standardization. DiGGrowth enables marketing heads to gain insights into campaign performance, optimize marketing spend, and improve operational efficiency.

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Analytics & Attribution

Accurately measure and drive better return on marketing investment with DiGGrowth’s marketing analytics and attribution


Data Integration

Optimize marketing analytics by centralizing marketing data from ad platforms, CRM, website analytics, marketing automation platforms, and more.


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A campaign URL builder enables marketers to add specific parameters to their URLs in order to facilitate easy campaign tracking. DiGGrowth comes with an built-in UTM campaign builder which allows marketers to maintain data hygiene and campaign standardization with ease. DiGGrowth also has a Google Chrome extension that can be used for creating campaigns and copying the URL of created campaigns by integrating with the DiGGrowth platform, thereby helping marketers say goodbye to messy spreadsheets.

Creating UTM links for campaigns is simple with DiGGrowth. With the UTM campaign builder, marketers just have to enter the URL, then add details for parameters like name, source, medium, country/area. For more granular tracking, marketers can also add custom attributes.

A campaign URL has UTM tracking parameters included in it. These tracking parameters are what helps marketers track where the traffic is coming from for specific marketing campaigns. With a UTM campaign builder, marketers can create campaign URLs for better tracking.

A UTM link, unlike a normal URL, has tracking parameters in it. These parameters are what helps marketers understand which source web traffic is coming from.

A campaign URL builder enables marketers to add specific tracking parameters to their URLs. This enables them to track where exactly their website traffic comes from, whether it is from paid advertisements, organic, or from social media.

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