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Everything you need for your marketing analytics & attribution.


    • CMO Dashboard
    • Performance Report
    • Channel Performance
    • Sales Cycle
    • Path Length
    • Model Comparison
    • Paid Media Tracker
    • User Path Analysis
    • Top Conversion Paths
    • Email Marketing Dashboard

    • Google
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Bing
    • AdRoll
    • Taboola

    • SalesForce
    • HubSpot

    • HubSpot
    • Marketo

    • Campaign Tracking Code
    • UTM Grader

    Lead-to-Account Matching

    • Content-URL
    • Geolocation
    • Browser
    • Device
    • Multiple Domain Tracking

    • First Touch
    • Last Touch
    • Linear

    • CRM
    • Marketing-Automation

    • Google Ads
    • FB Grader

  • Product Consultant for Onboarding

GROWTH Most Popular

Taking your marketing analytics to the next level with advanced ABM reporting & attribution.

    All the Features in ‘Boost’

    • Cohort Report
    • Full Funnel
    • SEO Dashboard with – Revenue from Organic Keywords Attribution
    • Social Media
    • ABM Reporting & Attribution
    • Content Performance

    Custom ReportingDiGGrowth – InsightSegment Manager

    • Offline Campaigns
    • Sales Activity

    • Last Non Direct
    • U Shape
    • W shape
    • Full Path Model
    • Data Driven Attribution 1
    • Data Driven Attribution 2
    • Custom Attribution

    Self-reported AttributionA/B Testing – Revenue ImpactSalesforce App for Bi-Directional SyncLive Chat Touchpoint

  • Dedicated Product Consultant
  • Dedicated Slack Support (or whichever instant communication channel you prefer)


All-encompassing advanced marketing analytics & attribution.

    All the Features in ‘Growth’

    • Invoca
    • CallRail
    • CallTrackingMetrics

    • Media Mix Modeling
    • Lead Clustering
    • DiGGrowth GPT

    • Snowflake

    • Custom reporting & BI
    • DiGGrowth Integration with Any platform

  • Platinum Customer Support
  • DiGGrowth API Support
  • Custom Reports & Integration
  • ETL Support, Powered by DiGGrowth, to Consolidate All Your Data into Your Data Warehouse (whichever cloud vendor you prefer)

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Experience Premium Marketing Analytics At Budget-Friendly Pricing.


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