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Optimize Channel Performance

Centralize Data From Multiple Marketing Channels and Justify Marketing Spend


With an increase in the number of platforms across marketing channels, Performance Marketers have to spend more time collating data to uncover insights.

Comprehending the value of each channel is essential for justifying marketing expenditures, and this task becomes challenging without a centralized dashboard to evaluate the performance of individual channels.

A platform serving as a single source of truth enables Performance Marketers to delve into details and reveal targeted insights, thereby empowering them to demonstrate the value of their marketing endeavors.

DiGGrowth for Performance Marketers

Drill-Down Into Marketing Channel Performance With DiGGrowth—a No-code Marketing Analytics Platform

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Paid Media Insights

Analyze the performance of all your paid media channels and deep-dive into metrics to fine-tune your campaigns

Optimize Channel Performance

Justify marketing expenditures and enhance the performance of your marketing channels with focused insights located in a central place.

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Top Conversion Paths

Understand the contribution of each touchpoint to a conversion and compare results across both deals won and your open pipeline.

The DiGGrowth Advantage


Campaign Tracking

Bring precision, quality, and completeness to your marketing data and start making fearless decisions


Data Integration

Integrate marketing data across a range of platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, HubSpot etc. with plug-and-play connectors


Marketing Analytics

Get insights from a variety of custom dashboards and reports tailored to Performance Marketers that give a holistic picture of your marketing activities and allow you to drill down to specifics

Become a Marketer

DiGGrowth helps B2B marketers do more with less and increase marketing ROI by 30%

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