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Start consolidating data in a matter of minutes across ad platforms, CRM, website analytics, and marketing automation platforms with DiGGrowth’s data integration capability.

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Reduce Time to Market Insights

The key for a data-driven marketer lies not in data preparation time, but rather in the time spent optimizing marketing campaigns for increased ROI. DiGGrowth optimizes time spend by automating data extraction from various Martech and Adtech platforms and quickly distilling the data into actionable ROI insights.

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Get Granular Data of All Marketing Interactions

Every touchpoint plays a crucial role in the customer journey. With DiGGrowth, you track the entire touchpoint journey, from an anonymous user landing on your website, to all the content they consume, on to all of their sales interactions as they move through different stages to closed won.

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Consistent Data Quality and Integrity

DiGGrowth prioritizes the marketing data sources and data points that matter the most, enabling you to focus on the data that is actually useful. Our "extract, load, and transform" approach ensures data integrity and consistency with your source systems.

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Lead to Account Matching

Salesforce doesn’t provide any relationship between leads and accounts out-of-the-box. DiGGrowth’s native Salesforce connector is smart enough to connect leads to the right accounts so that you don’t miss any touchpoint data from certain leads that influence opportunity creation.

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Who Is It For?

DiGGrowth empowers performance marketers, marketing operations managers, and marketing leaders to seamlessly integrate their platforms and channels using out-of-the-box connectors, providing a clear view of marketing effectiveness.

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Performance Marketers

Measure and improve campaign performance with better campaign tracking and standardization. DiGGrowth empowers performance marketers to streamline campaign management and achieve their marketing objectives toward driving business growth.

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Marketing Ops. Managers

Centralize data from multiple sources with plug-and-play connectors and make data-driven decisions that are based on a complete and accurate picture of your marketing performance. DiGGrowth enables marketing operations managers to easily connect all marketing channels and platforms to get a complete view of their marketing effectiveness.

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Marketing Heads

Improve customer experiences, optimize marketing campaigns, and drive revenue growth by integrating marketing data from all your marketing channels and platforms. DiGGrowth’s data connectors require no IT help and start consolidating data in a matter of minutes, thereby providing marketing heads with a comprehensive view of their marketing performance.

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Analytics & Attribution

Accurately measure and drive better return on marketing investment with DiGGrowth’s marketing analytics and attribution


Campaign Tracking

Centralize marketing data from ad platforms, CRM, website analytics, marketing automation platforms, and more for marketing analytics


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Data integration is crucial to uncover insights that facilitate making better business decisions. With marketing teams using different platforms like CRM, Marketing Automation, Ad-Tech etc. it becomes necessary to have a data integration platform that can unify marketing data from all these sources.

DiGGrowth’s data integration module allows users to sync their marketing data from their advertising, marketing automation, CRM, web analytics platforms, and data warehouses.

DiGGrowth comes with plug-and-play no-code connectors for different marketing automation, CRMs, web analytics platforms, and data warehouses. These connectors allow users to sync their marketing data without a need for any coding experience.

Marketing teams require focused insights in order to justify their budgets and demonstrate their impact on revenue. In this context, data integration and transformation tools are crucial, as they unify data from various sources, providing a comprehensive understanding of marketing performance.

DiGGrowth has a simple data integration system—it comes with plug-and-play connectors that help you fetch data with ease.

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