Editorial Policy

DiGGrowth believes in sharing relevant and authentic information, data, and suggestions with our customers and readers through blog posts or other editorial resources published on our website. To ensure the quality of the content and accuracy of the data we serve to our readers, we organically utilize the combined efficiency of our writers and reviewers.

As a tech-based platform intended to offer marketing analytics, comprehensive data analysis, marketing attribution, and other key metrics to our customers, we also seek the limited assistance of high-end AI tools and platforms in content generation. However, the regulated and supervised inclusion of AI in the content-generation process keeps the organic authenticity of the content we post on our website intact and uncompromised.

Our writers and reviewers create each blog post and article with optimum precision and authority to render reliable and updated information about all industry-related topics. The ultimate goal of each of our editorial pieces is to make our customers and readers aware of the related marketing analytics trends, tools, and practices for enhanced efficiency and revenue generation.

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