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Advanced Analytics with GA4 Looker Studio Connector

Advanced marketing strategies need advanced data analysis tools and capabilities. GA4 Looker Studio Connector takes data processing to new heights with its high-end features and functions. This blog elaborately discusses everything you need to know about this tool to develop a detailed understanding of user behavior.



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Date Published: 29th Dec 2023

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Yes, you can connect GA4 to Looker Studio. Looker supports GA4 integration, allowing you to analyze and visualize your GA4 data within the Looker platform.

To connect GA4 to Google Data Studio, use the "Google Analytics 4" connector in Data Studio. Select your GA4 property, configure the data source, and start building reports with the GA4 data.

Looker Studio supports data blending, allowing you to seamlessly combine data from Universal Analytics (UA) and GA4 within Looker for comprehensive analysis.

The limits for Looker Studio with GA4 can vary based on your Looker plan and GA4 subscription. Check with Looker and Google Analytics documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date data limits and usage information.

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