Unified Data Sources = Fearless Marketers

Our no-code, highly scalable marketing analytics platform lets marketers focus on insights and outcomes, and not on data wrangling.

Reduce Time to Market Insights

Key to a data-driven marketer is not spending time in data preparation but investing it in optimizing marketing campaigns to drive higher ROI. DIGGrowth automates data extraction from disparate Martech & Adtech platforms, along with necessary transformation to get actionable insights right away.

Get Granular Data of All Marketing Interactions

To connect the entire customer journey, each touchpoint plays a crucial role. With DIGGrowth, you can see the full path–from an anonymous user landing on your website, to all the content consumed by them, along with the sales interaction as they move to different stages, to the ultimate goal of closed won.

Consistent Data Quality and Integrity

DIGGrowth has prioritized data sources along with actual data points that matter the most. This enables you to focus on what’s useful for marketing. Our extract, load, and transform approach ensures data integrity and consistency with the source systems.

Lead to Account Matching

Salesforce doesn’t provide any relationship between leads and accounts out-of-the-box. DIGGrowth’s native Salesforce connector is smart enough to connect leads to the right accounts so that you don’t miss any touchpoint data from certain leads that influence opportunity creation.

How Does It Work?

Our no-code data integration is marketer friendly and helps you connect all sources in a matter of minutes.

Set-up Taxonomy

Our web tracking is one line of JavaScript that connects your digital marketing efforts to your website and eventually CRM, setting up a foundation for cross-channel analytics and return on digital marketing investment.

Integrate Cost Data Siloed Across Advertising Platforms

Bring together your marketing cost and performance data into a centralized view, this includes Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, and Microsoft Advertising. Additionally, our Salesforce campaign integration along with CSV cost upload feature makes cost data more holistic.

Connect and Configure CRM for Marketing Analytics

Salesforce integration and configuration sets the foundation for connecting marketing touchpoints with revenue and pipeline, with an easy step-by-step wizard..

Set-up Taxonomy
Integrate Cost Data Siloed Across Advertising Platforms
Connect and Configure CRM for Marketing Analytics

More Marketing Modules by DiGGrowth

Take your marketing game up a notch by unifying disparate data sources and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to All Your Pressing Questions Around Data Hygiene With the Click of a Button

Data integration is crucial to uncover insights that facilitate making better business decisions. With marketing teams using different platforms like CRM, Marketing Automation, Ad-Tech etc. it becomes necessary to have a data integration platform that can unify marketing data from all these sources.

DiGGrowth’s data integration module allows users to sync their marketing data from their advertising, marketing automation, CRM, web analytics platforms, and data warehouses.

DiGGrowth comes with plug-and-play no-code connectors for different marketing automation, CRMs, web analytics platforms, and data warehouses. These connectors allow users to sync their marketing data without a need for any coding experience.

To justify their budgets and to show impact on revenue, marketing teams need focused insights. Here, data integration and transformation tools play a critical role by unifying data from different platforms and

DiGGrowth has a simple data integration system—it comes with plug-and-play connectors that help you fetch data with ease.