Geeta Dutt
Content Writer
Geeta is a seasoned wordsmith with a natural talent for creative writing that has been with her since childhood. Her passion lies in delving into diverse subjects and simplifying them into engaging and informative content. When she's not crafting compelling narratives, you can often find her watching anime, chasing sunsets, and finding solace in nature’s trails.

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Enhancing Lead Nurturing with Revenue Attribution Turning Leads into Sales

In a digital-first world, the competition has touched the roof....

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Marketing Analytics Evolution: Navigating the New Landscape Beyond MMM and Attribution Models

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) are two...

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The Future of Marketing Analytics: Top 5 Trends for 2024

Top 5 Marketing Analytics Trends for 2024 Marketing analytics serves...

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Content Syndication for B2B Lead Generation: Best Practices and Pitfalls

Strategic Content Syndication: A Blueprint for Elevating B2B Lead Generation...

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Harnessing the Power of Geo Experimentation & Incrementality in Performance Max Campaigns

Harnessing the Power of Geo Experimentation & Incrementality in Performance...

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Harnessing the Power of Geo Experimentation & Incrementality in Performance Max Campaign

Beyond Traditional Segmentation: Uncovering Niche Audiences with Marketing Analytics for CMOs

As a CMO or marketing manager, have you ever thought...

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Unlocking Niche Audiences with Advanced Marketing Analytics

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