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Metrics analytics is the key to analyzing and enhancing a business's and website's performance. Keeping track of the essential metrics on GA4 will allow you to identify the loopholes and high points of your strategies and empower you to make the right decisions and choices for your business. Follow this blog to learn how.



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Date Published: 31st May 2024

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GA4 metrics are quantitative measurements used to analyze user behavior and website performance. Key metrics include engagement time, conversion rate, active users, and user acquisition data.

GA4 analytics is Google's latest version of its analytics platform. It is designed to provide deeper insights into user behavior across websites and apps. It incorporates advanced AI, event-based tracking, and enhanced data privacy features.

GA4 properties are configurations within Google Analytics 4 that allow users to collect and analyze data from their websites or apps. Each property represents a digital asset, such as a website or app, and includes data collection and reporting settings.

To create custom metrics in GA4, navigate to your property, select "Custom Definitions" under "Configure," and then click "Create Custom Metric." Provide your metric with a name, description, and the parameters you want to measure.

In GA4, a dimension is an attribute of your data that provides context for metrics. Examples include user demographics, device type, geographic location, and traffic source. Dimensions describe the "what" behind the metrics you measure.

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