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Leverage the Power of GA4 Custom Metrics: A Guide to Advanced Data Analysis

GA4 custom metrics are requisite for monitoring your website’s performance with a personalized and targeted approach. In this blog, we have discussed everything worth knowing about creating and monitoring custom metrics in GA4. Reading this blog will help you become well-versed in utilizing GA4 and custom metrics to your business’s advantage.



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Date Published: 29th May 2024

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To use custom metrics in GA4, you must first define them in your GA4 property settings. Once defined, you can implement them in your tracking code or through Google Tag Manager to collect specific data points that align with your business goals. Finally, you can analyze these custom metrics in your GA4 reports to gain deeper insights into user behavior and site performance.

GA4 properties allow for up to 50 custom metrics per property. This limit includes both event-scoped and user-scoped custom metrics.

Yes, you can create calculated metrics in GA4. Calculated metrics are user-defined metrics that are derived from existing metrics using formulas. These custom calculations allow you to create specialized data points tailored to your analytical requirements.

Custom dimensions and metrics are user-defined data points in Google Analytics but serve different purposes. Custom dimensions collect additional information about users or sessions, such as user type or duration. On the other hand, custom metrics track numerical data related to user interactions or behaviors, such as video plays or revenue.

Custom metrics in GA4 are user-defined data points that allow you to track specific numerical measurements related to user interactions or behaviors on your website or app. They provide flexibility in data collection, enabling you to gather insights tailored to your unique business goals and objectives.

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