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Magnify Your Digital Marketing Campaigns with a UTM Builder

A UTM Builder is inarguably useful for escalating the results of a digital marketing campaign. It helps in making the campaigns more tailored, precise, and personalized. So, let us understand more about UTM Builder and its overall benefits and functionality through this blog.



Rahul-Saini Rahul Saini

Date Published: 23rd Nov 2023

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Sameer_pawar Sameer Pawar

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Rahul Saini
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Rahul Saini is a published author of three books, brand storyteller, and marketing specialist with experience across multiple industries like manufacturing, IT, and publishing. He is an intellectually curious, and creative person who loves to tell stories, read books, and write fiction.

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UTM Builder helps create specific URLs for tracking various marketing campaigns.

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module.

You can create a UTM by adding specific parameters to your URL using a UTM builder or manually adding them to your links.

In UTM tracking, UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. It is a code appended to a URL that tracks important information about website visitors and traffic sources.

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