The importance of data in today’s technology-driven business environment needs no introduction. Digital transformation is impossible without the use of data and analytics and achieving day-to-day professional competence. But, for your enterprise to become data-driven, this data should be of high quality, secure, relevant, and accessible. Data Governance ensures this and brings people, technologies, and processes together.

What is Data Governance?

It is the process of managing data and ensuring high availability, usability, and integrity. Data governance involves defining roles, policies, metrics, and standards that govern the use of data in an enterprise. It minimizes risks, meets data compliance laws, increases the value of data, and reduces the costs of managing data. 

A well-run data governance program helps your enterprise at every level, be it strategic, tactical, or operational. These practices are being fast adopted in businesses across industries. The Data Governance market which was valued at $1.81 billion in 2020 is expected to reach $5.28 billion by 2026, a testimony to its growing importance.

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